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MEDINE2 Final Report

[Posted Tue, 03 Sep 2013 10:25 GMT]

Dear colleagues in MEDINE2

We have just received the ECEA assessment of the Final Report on MEDINE2. We scored 80%, with none of the sections falling below the "pass mark" of 60%. We do not learn how this compares with other projects, but it seems to be at least acceptable to the Commission, and a very positive outcome. The highest scores (90%) were for the strength of the partnership, and for management of the Project. There were some budgetary questions which we were able to answer readily, and we have now received most of the final payment, less a few items of "ineligible expenditure" which we should be able to cover. So we will now be able to balance the budget.

Can I again thank all the partners for your help and support to reach this successful conclusion - well done indeed to everyone involved. Dissemination material continues to be posted on the MEDINE2 website, most recently after the successful AMEE conference in Prague where there was a great deal of interest in the products of MEDINE2. I hope you will continue to visit the website regularly and keep up to date with the various postings.

Best wishes,


Professor Allan Cumming, Chair and Coordinator, MEDINE2 Academic Network

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MEDINE2 Work Package 5 and 6 Summaries

[Posted Mon, 02 Sep 2013 16:20 GMT]

The work package 5 and 6 teams have just posted summaries of their work which were presented at the recent AMEE meeting. For the WP5 project on curriculum trends, there is a concise summary as a PDF, and a more extended summary in Word. For the WP6 study of the Bologna process in medicine, there is a 2-page summary in Word. I am sure you will find these summaries to be of great interest, covering a huge amount of work carried out over the last three years in a very readable form, and to be relevant to your on-going work in medical education.

Professor Allan Cumming (Chair)

WP5 + WP6 Summaries

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Final Report Submitted

[Posted Wed, 29 May 2013 16:29 GMT]

Dear Colleagues

I am very pleased to let you know that the Final Report for the MEDINE2 project was submitted to the European Commission today, in advance of the deadline of 31st May 2013. This was in spite of a catastrophic failure of the University of Edinburgh file servers last week which threatened the loss of both the reporting files and the backup copies, and which took some days to resolve. I am hugely grateful to the many people who have worked incredibly hard to get their reports and final products into shape for submission before the deadline - too numerous to mention, but the Workpackage leaders and their deputies have carried by far the heaviest load. I should also thank Carol Telford, who did a lot of work even though she is officially on maternity leave - particularly on the financial aspects - and Fiona Willox. When all the activities, outputs and products of the 11 workpackages are pulled together in the Final Report, it is clear just how much effort has gone in to making this project a success - not just fulfilling the conditions of the EC grant award, but going beyond that with added value. I think we have generated a real and productive "community of practice" in European medical education and I am confident that it will last far beyond the official end of the project. We await word from the Commission about our Accompanying Measures application, which would allow us to meet face-to-face twice in 2014. In any case the website will continue to function as a portal for ongoing communication and collaboration, and as a repository for the huge number of useful resources which we have produced over the last three years. Thank you again for your unfailing support for the Coordinating team and for supporting the aims of the project.

The Report (minus some of the interminable administrative content) is available in the members section of the website, with the associated files:

Best wishes,


Professor Allan Cumming, Chair and Coordinator, MEDINE2 Erasmus Academic Network
College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine, University of Edinburgh.
47 Little France Crescent, Edinburgh EH16 4TJ

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Message From The Chair

[Posted Thu, 16 May 2013 13:00 GMT]

Dear Colleagues

The official "eligibility period" of the MEDINE2 Erasmus Academic Network came to an end on 31 March 2013. In the Edinburgh office we are hard at work completing the final report to the EC Executive Agency, pulling together the huge amount of work that has been done over the last three years. It is clear that the project has delivered everything that was planned, and also created "added value" in many respects. There have been some small deviations from the original work plan, mostly in terms of timing, but since the Project was planned in 2008, that is to be expected. As Benjamin Franklin said, "Nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." We have coped with a number of unpredictable events, including changes to key personnel, and still reached a successful conclusion. As always, the spread of work has not been entirely even, and I am especially grateful to the leaders and deputy leaders of the development work packages, who have done a fantastic job in steering their teams through the programme of activity.

I would strongly suggest that if you have not done so recently, you explore the Project website at There is a very rich menu of information and resources related to European medical education. These are reached by clicking on the various work package links and then on "Outputs". WP1 and WP2 are most concerned with mobility, WPs 3, 4, 5 and 6 with curriculum development and WP7 with research issues in medical education. I would be extremely grateful if you would spread the word about the website to everyone relevant that you can think of, and in particular the students and staff of your own institution and perhaps other medical schools in your country. Under WP9, "Outputs", there is a list of some of the dissemination activities already undertaken by partners, extending to nine pages, and more are planned. However, we can still do more over the coming months to maximise the impact of the work that has been done.

An application for a further year of EC funding, through the Accompanying Measures action, was submitted in January 2013 by the Edinburgh office and we hope to hear the outcome of that application soon. If successful, it will support two major meetings during 2014, one focussed on mobility and one directed at curriculum development. Whatever the outcome, the website will continue to be maintained as an active forum for the community of practice in European medical education which we have created, and as a repository for the multiple tools and resources that have been generated.

Best wishes

Professor Allan Cumming,
Chair and Coordinator
MEDINE2 Erasmus Academic Network.

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