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Work Package 01: MEDINElingua


Poor language skills are a major obstacle to mobility of medical students and doctors in Europe. Medical language training is patchily provided and mostly neglects everyday clinical usage, especially for dealing with patients. Many medical schools and other bodies, in many countries, have developed language learning materials and packages, in on-line or other formats. However, there is no centralised resource which students and staff across Europe can access. The MEDINElingua working group will gather, reference, package and present these materials, and develop them into a comprehensive web-based resource to support learning of medical languages, and to prepare students and doctors for clinical work. It will include materials to aid and support medical schools and other bodies in the provision of language training.

MEDINElingua will be freely available to Network partners, as a password-protected link from the MEDINE2 website. Other users will pay a small fee, which will be used to maintain the web-pages and sustain the resource beyond the life of MEDINE2. A contact database for users will be included. Initial focus will be on English, French, German and Spanish. The workpackage leaders are clinicians experienced in developing, delivering and quality-assuring medical language training. They will work with experts in web design and will recruit enthusiasts to cover other languages. Student participation will be a strong feature.

MEDINElingua users will be medical students and doctors wishing to study or work in other European countries, medical schools participating in exchanges and/or providing language training, and national/ European student and doctor organisations. Health-care providers may be interested. It will be promoted via the MEDINE2 website, meetings and conferences. It will be maintained and updated at an annual workshop. By the end of MEDINE2, MEDINElingua should be established as an invaluable resource for study or work abroad.

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