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Work Package 03: Tuning Process for Medical Education


Recent trends in development of educational programmes have encouraged formal consideration of learning outcomes ("what is taught and assessed"). The MEDINE Thematic Network (2004-2007) developed a European specifications for learning outcomes of primary medical degrees through its Tuning (Medicine) Task Force. We will incorporate this into a framework and process, to promote curriculum development and harmonisation in European medical education.

There is wide variability in the extent to which medical schools across Europe have adopted an outcomes-based approach to their teaching and assessment. Where such approaches have been adopted, there is wide variation in the outcomes being used. This means that it is difficult to be sure that all medical graduates in Europe are competent in core aspects of medical practice. This in turn makes it difficult to rationally plan post-graduate training and educational programmes. A process of "harmonisation", centred around the new Tuning learning outcomes for primary medical degree courses in Europe (Cumming AD, Ross MT. The Tuning Project for medicine: learning outcomes for undergraduate medical education in Europe. Medical Teacher 2007; 29: 636-641) will over time help to address this problem, and will also serve to enhance the consistency, quality and transparency of undergraduate medical education in Europe. The outcomes are available at .

The objective is to produce a set of products directly linked to the Tuning learning outcomes for primary medical degree programmes in Europe œ the Tuning Toolkit. This will include everything that a medical school needs to evaluate their learning outcomes against the Tuning framework. The Task Force will support medical schools in using these products and in applying the results to their educational programme in medicine (Tuning Process).

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