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Work Package 07: Integration of the Research Component in European Medical Education


WP7 have developed a taxonomy booklet that contains research specific terms at the interface between medical education and research in undergraduate and postgraduate curricula. This taxonomy aims to enhance the openness of the research component in medical education, decrease the thresholds for a medical research career and aid in the mobility of medical researchers in Europe. The content is given in English, German, Spanish, French, Turkish and Romanian and will be helpful to those looking to undertake a medical career in a country with which uses any of these languages.

The group of WP7 have produced an extremely useful document which details much of the work they have undertaken during the MEDINE2 project. This booklet is available to download here and includes the details of the work carried out relating to:

  • The Tuning learning outcomes for 3rd cycle medical degrees
  • Models of best practice in research and medical education
  • Posters and materials to promote research in the medical curricula





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