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Work Package 09: Dissemination of MEDINE2 outputs


The aim of this centralised workpackage is to coordinate and drive dissemination activities across the whole Network. It will driven primarily by members of the local Edinburgh steering group, working closely with the Executive and members of the other workpackage teams. Dissemination activities are considered to be an integral component of all workpackages, and so it will work closely with all other workpackages to facilitate and support their projects. Initial work will focus on promoting the Network, activating and involving the partners through good communication, and encouraging wide participation and engagement within the European medical education community. In Year 3 of the project, the major focus will be to disseminate the results of the work undertaken by all the workpackages as widely as possible, using a range of communication methods, including the Network website, email, paper, presentations at conferences, academic publications, and where appropriate, media publicity. These activities will continue beyond the completion of the project. Significant milestones include the establishment of a project website (within first month), the network mailing list, and the launch, online and via an AGM/symposium, of the final project results.

Experts in web design and web hosting will be commissioned by this workpackage to ensure an appropriate, informative and coordinated external web presence for the whole Network. It will also host private areas and services to support each of the workpackages and enhance communication between them. We will make extensive use of the Adobe Connect system for this purpose. We will work with the European Commission to ensure the most effective dissemination processes are invoked. The key role played by AMEE in the Network will be a major asset in relation to dissemination of results through circulation of the membership of the Association and the Annual Conference, regularly attended by over 2000 delegates.

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