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Work Package 10: Exploitation of MEDINE2 outputs


The aim of this centrally-managed workpackage is to coordinate and drive the exploitation of results across the whole Network. It will include members of the local steering group and representatives from the other workpackages. The Vice-chair of the Network, Karel van Liempt (Antwerp), who is a senior University admistrator with long-standing influential involvement in European medical education, and Madalena Patricio (Lisbon), the current President of AMEE, will be key participants. All workpackages will be alert to exploitation opportunities, and will seek support and expertise from this workpackage to coordinate and facilitate capitalisation on their outputs and products. Experts in graphic design and marketing will be commissioned by this workpackage to ensure that the outputs from this and all other workpackages are developed into appropriate and accessible booklets and other resources which can facilitate mainstreaming of results and transfer and adaption of these into new contexts. This workpackage will have the capacity to take advantage of opportunities for exploitation of results arising during project implementation and dissemination that may not have been previously foreseen. These might include opportunities to share best practices, collaborate with other networks or publishing companies, to promote the Network and disseminate results through non-traditional channels, or to integrate project activities into mainstream work. Experience from work in MEDINE has suggested that engaging local, national and EU policy-makers with Network projects can have a significant effect on the impact, utility and transfer of results, and so workpackage activities will have a strong steer towards such engagements, for example visits to policy-makers. These activities will continue beyond the completion of the project. The Network includes influential organisations such as AMEE, EUMS, EMA, and EMSA who will actively promote the work and products of the Network.

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