Work Packages


Work Package 11: Quality Assurance of the Network


The aim of this centrally managed workpackage is to assure quality and promote excellence in all activities across the whole Network for the duration of the project. It will include members of the local steering group and representatives from the other workpackages. Quality assurance activities are considered to be an integral component of all workpackages, so it will work closely with all others to facilitate and support their efforts. This workpackage is designed to be flexible and responsive to changing circumstances during project implementation. The scope of this workpackage is broad and will include quality assurance of research methods, communication within and between workpackages, documentation - particularly clarity and accessibility of public documents, appropriate use of resources and internal monitoring and evaluation of each workpackage. It will include peer review of the progress reports and final reports of each of the other workpackages from a quality assurance perspective, and will liaise closely with the Network Executive in facilitating efficient resolution if quality issues arise. Externality will be achieved by recruiting two QA assessors, external to and independent of the Network but with appropriate experience and credentials, who will attend each Annual General Meeting, review the reports and products of each workpackage, and produce a formal Quality Assurance report. This will be published on the Network website and included in the reports to the Commission.