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A happy group of Tuning and Transparency Task Force members, Edinburgh, February 3, 2006


1. Tuning Task Force







Tuning Task Force Meeting, Edinburgh, February 3, 2006

Recent documents

Tuning Second Summary 25.07.06

2. International Recognition of Qualifications

Past meetings

Minutes of 10 November 2005 (Brussels Airport)

Minutes Core Meeting 09 December 2005 (Berlin)

Minutes of 09 December 2005 (Berlin) and Action Lines (Karel Van Liempt)

Task Force 2 Meeting in Berlin, December 9, 2005

Minutes of Vrije Universiteit 17 January 2006 (Brussels)

Minutes of Core Meeting 25 February 2006 (Oslo)

Flow chart 25 February 2006 (Oslo)

Abstract for AMEE 14-19 September 2006 (Genoa) 165 kb (Word format)

Minutes (Murcia) 29-30 Sept 2006 86.0 kb (Word format)

3. Quality Assurance Standards Task Force

Quality Assurance Task Force Meeting Barcelona, Spain 31 January 2007

4. Transparency and Public Understanding of Medical Education Task Force







Transparency Task Force Meeting, Edinburgh, February 3, 2006


5. Links between Medical Education and Research Task Force

Introductory letter to the questionnaire from Professor Lajos Szollar (as cited in the Nov 06 newsletter)

Questionnaire (as cited in the Nov 06 newsletter)