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Work Package 07: Integration of the Research Component in European Medical Education


In the European Higher Education Area, teaching and research provide the basis for evidence-based learning throughout the curriculum and the foundation for life-long learning. This also applies to medicine, since academic medicine is more than ever based on research developments: innovation and use of new technology have become its key elements in Europe. However, this symbiosis between teaching and research is often not translated into the medical curriculum. Students and faculty often experience insufficient integration of the research component into the learning goals for future medical doctors. The research component is poorly defined by terminology and learning outcomes; medical innovation through research is not emphasised enough in many European medical schools. Thus, the next generation of doctors may become excluded from the perspectives currently created by the European Research Area (ERA).

Our objectives are to enhance medicine‘s interaction with the ERA knowledge triangle by clarifying and promoting the integration of research in the medical curriculum; to stimulate innovation through enforcement of the links between medical education, research and industry; and to increase medical students‘ motivation for research by providing a framework for research training.

We will pursue these objectives via six lines of work:

  1. promoting the link between medical education and research by posters and a website
  2. establishing a taxonomy of terms/contents of research in medical education
  3. using focus groups to optimize Tuning questionnaire design
  4. an on-line survey for Tuning the learning outcomes of the research component in medical education
  5. international IRCOMED workshops and a conference
  6. participating in EU-networks with special relevance to these objectives.

The overall impact of our project will be that more medical students choose a career in medical research. This impact is reached through 7 deliverables.

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